A downloadable game for Windows

This tale is a whisper of memory. 
Legend speaks that if you climb the tallest hill of the valley
stare through the horizon 
till dawn
the wind breaking with the morning light
will carry this tale:
          A mote of starlight fell from the heavens
          at noon
          They yearned to be seen, to live
          So they danced amongst the colors of day
          reflecting wildly through leaves and sky

          They came across peculiar figures
          drab and lanky
          that clambored towards them
          Fearing the creatures would extinguish their light
          the starlight zipped and darted ever brighter
          though the day's light faded

          The drab creatures grew glum
          as they merely wished to dance with the starlight
          So they bathed in the light of the setting sun
          and shone with the color the starlight loved

          The starlight saw not the creatures, but their color
          and elated, flickered and gleamed brighter than ever!
          They all whirled and twirled together
          illuminating the night with the colors of day

          Then the morning came
          and exhausted
          the creatures faded drab back to their homes
          leaving the starlight alone

          Realizing what had happened, they dashed and dashed
          wishing they could dance amidst the creatures' true colors
          until they happened acr͝os͞s ͢a̸ ͢si͟n͘gl͜e͡ cre̸atu̕r̷e̡
           ̶͓̳̯̪̙͈̠̠͇̭͇̳̯͕̜̖̕ ẁ̶͟͏̱̣̪̗͚̘̫͚̰̬͈̭̻̩͙̦͈ͅh̨͇̹̹̗͍͉͇̭̹̮̩͔̟̱̻̝̀̕͘͡ͅo̵̴͕͕̠͎̫͖̙̜̦͘ͅͅ 


- WASD or arrow keys:  move 

- Double tap: dash

- Space or left click: jump.

- Mouse: rotate camera

- Scrollbar: zoom camera 

- I: invert camera

- Enter: indicate level

- To play: unzip the main folder and run "reappraisal.exe"

Sound credits to A.Krishna on Youtube. Check out the original ethereal goodness here.


Limpskel.zip 183 MB